It is predicted that Chinese Household appliances industry will has a huge marketing development space, which will value more than 280 billion in the next 5 years. With the forward-looking vision and the rapid movement, Deerma is among the household appliances market and create the new humidifiers, purifiers, vacuum cleaners, garment steamer, clothes dryers and others. It devotes to provide the perfect air environment and shorten the housekeeping time for users.
    At present, Deerma has created certain market shares in the network market. We hope that we can create more with you and share the profit of the life household appliances market together.

Qualification Requirement

    1. Should be independent legal qualification of legal person or natural person.
    2. Recognize and accept DEERMA including the concept of corporate culture, the league-cooperation model and the rule of operating.
    3. Own the abundant investment power and the enthusiasm to spread the culture of DEERMA.
    4. Have rich experience of retail operating, strong sense of brand management and accept the management of DEERMA.
    5. Have the mentality on rational investment and the power to assume risks and treat the relationship between investment and return objectively.
    6. Have a certain understanding of household electrical appliance industry and would better own a certain local social resources.
    7. Be equipped with premises or platforms, which meet the requirement of league-cooperation.

Forms of Cooperation

    To guarantee manufacturer and collaborators get the perfect protection of their equities, DEERMA plans and implements the scientific collaborative process. Based on the whole understanding of company strength, ideas and planning schedule with each other, the collaborative process will become transparent and make sure the equities between them be protected by law. DEERMA headquarters will complete every step with you in the whole process to make sure that you get the best support.


    Intention Communication
    After initial consultation, hand in the application for the cooperation
    Bidirectional reviewing
    Sign the agreement and pay fees
    Launch the Store design
    Promotion planning
    DEERMA headquarters follow up the operation regularly and give the guide and support

    When manufacturer and collaborators are in earlier period inspection, DEERMA will device collaborators to understanding the situation of themselves and the market and then fill in a specific form about the consumers and marketing information so that DEERMA headquarters can forecast the marketing situation of the collaborators in the future. What’s more, DEERMA headquarters can give them some targeted advices of the cooperation the marketing strategy according to the result above and the observation on the spot so as to guarantee the best interests of collaborators. The channel department of DEERMA will be in charge of all the things about the cooperation.

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