Co-founded by FLYING FISH, Germany and other powerful enterprises in Pearl River Delta in 1990s, DEERMA is an electric appliance manufacturer devoted to supplying creative and vogue household electric appliances with high cost performance to consumers all over China.

The establishment of the brand DEERMA was inspired by the creative lifestyle of consumers. Based on "Improving air quality" and "liberate the housework time" the ultimate goal, Deerma constantly developing innovative products, gradually become Air treatment expert and housework cleaning master of Electrical life. The company has built up excellent and stable partnerships with many powerful factories, agents and traders at home and abroad to sell the products to all over the country, more than 10 countries and areas abroad by modern marketing and advanced internet network.

DEERMA insists on “Creative, Efficient and Fashionable” principle and “Life Is Full of Creativity” spirit to develop products with simple design and excellent quality, to try the best to build a country-top brand of creative household electric appliance.
The logo idea comes from the paper airplane of everyone's childhood Through the lasting flying state,we can gain the meaning of relaxed and free life,and the wish of getting a better life. Combined with the brand slogan ,not only carries consumers' hopes for a better life , but also shows Deerma leaping in the development of the market and the product trends.
Deerma Electrical Idea

All originality of electrical appliances comes from natural and life. Use interesting and creative performance in household appliances on the bring life to hundreds of millions of family change. Users can improve the details of life appliance with the unique design style and simple, make every family moment enjoy the convenience and fun!

Deerma's user
love life, focus on quality of life, pursuit life innovation
Deerma product orientation
innovation to meet consumer demand on the quality of life
air treatment expert
housework clean masters

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